A man went viral on Thursday after he tried to use miscarriages to advance a pro-abortion talking point.

What was said?

Comedian Alex Falcone took to Twitter late Wednesday night in an attempt to dunk on pro-life Americans by using miscarriages.

“I don’t think anybody actually believes fetuses are people. I think they’re lying. There are almost 1,000,000 miscarriages each year in America, it happens to almost everybody. But we’re not constantly getting invited to the funerals,” Falcone said.

“Nobody who says ‘abortion is murder’ is out carrying signs that [say] ‘and miscarriages are suicide,'” he added.

In another tweet, Falcone said, “We rarely talk about miscarriages even though they happen to basically everybody you know. They’re devastating, but not because of souls. Nobody talks about how they can’t wait to be reunited with their fetus in heaven because they don’t actually believe that.”

What was the response?

The comments triggered a tsunami of backlash, from mothers and fathers who have experienced the pain of losing an unborn child to pastors and ministers who have solemnly presided over a ceremony honoring the life of an unborn child who was lost to miscarriage.

  • “As a minister I’ve performed private memorial services for miscarried/stillborn babies. And I’ve wept/prayed with countless (it seems) couples who’ve suffered from miscarriage. It’s one of the saddest, most visceral griefs, one that tearfully bears witness to the mystery of life,” one pastor responded.
  • “My second miscarriage was a girl. We named her. We didn’t want to know the gender of our third and fourth miscarriages because it was too painful. A friend suggested a funeral, but my husband and I mourned in our home instead.—some of the most painful years of my life,” one mom said.
  • “I’ve had 7 miscarriages. Let’s have a discussion instead of being ignorant Alex. We mourned each child, remember them on their conception and due dates, and have named each child. They are our children, not fetuses,” another mom said.
  • “I don’t know why miscarriages are so common & as a believer in God I don’t know what happens to them after this life or how they fit into his plan, but I do know the heartbreak we experienced & the love we have for our sweet boy who didn’t make it. We buried him in the backyard,” one father said.
  • “Our miscarriage completely changed our view.
    You hear a heartbeat at 6 or 7 weeks… You lose a child.
    There were two heartbeats. Two children.
    The process is medicalised.
    We were too traumatised with grief and shock to think of a funeral and no one suggested it,” another man
  • “I’ve had a funeral for a miscarried baby before. If you’ve ever sit in the hospital with a grieving mother who just lost her child, you’d never say something so calloused,” another minister said.
  • “My wife and I had three second trimester miscarriages. We had funerals. One of our children was buried at my in-laws farm. We named them Finley, Hazel, and Beckett. We aren’t lying—all 3 are people,” another father said.
  • “I worked in Neonatal Intensive Care as well as Labor and Delivery as a hospital chaplain and did a graveside service for the families who lost their children to miscarriage, fetal demise, etc. The families wanted it and found it meaningful. The below tweet is just ignorance,” another minister said.
  • “I recently had a funeral for two miscarried babies. This was a great loss for the parents and it’s insulting to them & so many others to claim their babies aren’t people,” a Catholic priest said.
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