The best part of this exchange between Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw and the reporter from the Associated Press is how he signs off: “Don’t really need you anyway.” It’s perfect, because it perfectly mirrors Pushaw’s view of the mainstream media; she doesn’t need them, and she lets them know it. Reporters are always contacting her about her, not the governor, and then giving deadlines for responding — “I’ll be publishing within the hour so respond ASAP,” or I’ll just make stuff up.

“Just don’t put us in a partisan-only category. Criticism is fine. Not a blanket opprobrium. Also, I would say to you, just as someone twice your age with 3 daughters, don’t live your life on social media. It’s ultimately not a happy place. But I do get the job you do as you see it.”

Thanks, Dad.

“This little effort of mine is small compared to what my colleagues do in war zones around the world,” he writes, trying to steal some valor.


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