Because nothing says “party of the working class” like “let’s draft an actual royal to run our government,” right? To be fair, Valerie Biden Owens got caught in a trap in this interview for Good Morning Britain, as she tried to promote the need for women to engage in the electoral process. What was she supposed to say when the interviewer brought up Meghan Markle on British TV — oh hell no?

Actually, maybe that wouldn’t have been as much of a problem as you’d think.

Still, maybe Scranton Joe Biden’s sister could have been less enthusiastic about the (former?) Duchess of Sussex’s prospects as a great contender for the presidency in the US:

I doubt that Owens keeps track of royal polling, but if YouGov’s tracking in the UK on Markle is at all accurate, this is a very, very bad suggestion for the Party of Scranton Joe. She manages to be the 14th most popular royal, but given that Prince Andrew is right behind her at #15, that’s not saying much. Her favorability in the UK Is 24/49 (-25) with 95% name recognition. (One has to wonder who the other 5% are, and how pollsters found them under the proverbial rock.) Markle doesn’t fare much better back home, apparently; she only scored a 31% rating in a January poll, which The Sun suggested was due to her weird interview with Oprah Winfrey.

On the other hand, Biden’s getting close to the Markle Line. So’s Kamala Harris. Desperate times, desperate measures, etc etc etc.

Unfortunately for Owens, that answer buried the lede, which is that both Biden and Harris plan to test out those cratering approval ratings on an angry electorate in two years:

“Joe is the right person at the right time for the right job,” Biden Owens said. “There’s lot of things still to do.”

Pressed by her interviewer on whether she believed Biden would be running for re-election in 2024 despite his low approval ratings and age, Biden Owens said he would “absolutely” be in the race.

“Oh yes, absolutely. Absolutely,” Biden Ownes responded.

We’ll see, but if Biden continues on his current trajectory, that choice may not be his. A red wave in November might finally convince Democrats that they need new leadership, and a Red Wedding/The Shining Elevator Scene midterm cycle might produce a significant primary challenge a few months later. Biden simply won’t be up for that kind of fight, and Harris isn’t even up to doing the job of a second banana. While princesses from across the sea might make for a good fantasy rescuer, the idea that Joe Biden can seriously contend for a second term might be the biggest fairy tale of this story.

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