By no means should we give up on Donald Trump. I say that up front because there are a lot of people reaching out to me asking if I heard the latest thing he said or did while wondering if I’m still going to support him. Yes I am. As of now, I see no reason to pull support. With that said, he definitely needs an intervention. He needs to be reminded about who his base supporters are and what we expect of him.

First and foremost, we do not expect him to endorse RINOs. Dr. Mehmet Oz and a small handful of other candidates he has endorsed do not represent the MAGA movement, are not America First patriots, and will be embarrassments for him if they win. If Oz is in the Senate, he will make Mitt Romney seem like a staunch conservative and full-blown MAGA guy. That’s how awful Dr. Mehmet Oz is.

It’s not just that he’s not a conservative. He’s not even really a Republican other than slapping that label on his badge for the sake of political expediency. Despite efforts to cover up and reverse his stances ahead of the election, he was passionately in favor of preserving Roe v. Wade as recently as two years ago.

He was in favor draconian gun laws in the same time period. He had his name attached to a call for more gun laws in 2018, though he claims he only signed onto it and didn’t actually write it. Politifact backed him up on it, which alone should tell you it’s a lie.

Then, there’s the fact that he’s a globalist and proud of it. His tendency in just about every political question leans towards globalism, if not embraces it outright. These perspectives have not changed, nor has he addressed them in any way on the campaign trail. Instead of disavowing his globalist past, he’s pretending like it’s not an issue. Republican voters should take note.

This is why he’s a favorite of Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, who he met in Davos as one of the rising globalist elites.

Some have argued that Donald Trump was the same as Dr. Oz, that he supported abortion and gun control in the past. But his transition to the right side of those questions is demonstrable and spread out over long periods of time. We were able to watch the evolution of Trump’s perspectives and it showed in his work before he entered the world of politics.

The same cannot be said about the Pennsylvania Senate candidate that Trump endorsed. Dr. Oz just happened to adopt Republican principles instantly, right around the time he was looking at the possibility of running for office.

How did he demonstrate he’s a defender of the 2nd Amendment? By releasing a video of him shooting skeet. Seriously.

For accuracy, it’s important to note that other parts of the video his campaign released DO mention the need for the 2nd Amendment to fight tyranny, which is the most important aspect of our constitutional right. Nevertheless, the fact that he thinks skeet shooting makes him appear to be a pro-gun guy speaks volumes about his intentions. He does not want to offend Democrats or Independents. He is milquetoast. Lukewarm. He’s not a true defender of our right to keep and bear arms.

His America First opponent, Kathy Barnette, is the person Trump should have endorsed. She is a veteran of the United States military and actually supports the 2nd Amendment.

If it was one bad endorsement, I’d say we can call it a Mulligan. Unfortunately, there are other indicators Trump has lost touch with his base. At a recent rally in Pennsylvania in support of Dr. Oz, Trump introduced Woody Johnson to the crowd. He touted how rich the scion of the Johnson & Johnson company was. It just so happened to be the day after the J&J jabs were slapped with restrictions over blood clots.

By no means am I suggesting being friends with Johnson shows Trump is out of touch. But the fact that he thought it was a beneficial thing to bring him on stage and introduce him to the crowd is telling. In no way could this have benefited Trump, Johnson, or Oz. The MAGA base is not supportive of Big Pharma in general and many are opposed to their incessant push to vaccinate every man, woman, and child in America.

It was poor optics in any context.

That brings us to the last major question about Trump’s understanding of what his base desires. He has continuously touted the jabs. What’s worse is that he has bragged on multiple occasions about how effective and safe they are. He even said they may represent his greatest accomplishment as president.

People have the right to feel how they feel about pretty much anything. If he likes the jabs and wants to keep getting himself boosted again and again, so be it. But the fact that he doesn’t recognize his base doesn’t think the jabs were a great accomplishment tells us he’s listening to the wrong people.

Proper advisors would tell him to avoid the discussion of vaccines. The only thing he should be saying is that he opposes vaccine mandates. If he wasn’t out of touch with his base, he wouldn’t need advisors to tell him that.

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, I give up on a politician once they lose touch. With Trump, it’s different. He’s the 1/100 who is worth trying to reach with an intervention. Why? Because as Jimmy Carter once said, he’s malleable. There was a brief period during the 2016 campaign season right after he secured his GOP nomination that he went against his base. Prompted by recommendations of his team, he launched his immigration “softening” campaign.

According to ABC News:

Donald Trump indicated there could be a “softening” of his controversial immigration policies during a Fox News town hall moderated by Sean Hannity that taped earlier tonight.

When asked by Hannity if there was “any part of the law” he would change to accommodate law-abiding immigrants who have kids in the U.S., Trump replied: “There certainly can be a softening because we’re not looking to hurt people,” Trump said in his response. “We want people — we have some great people in this country.”

His base was not happy about the idea and they let him know. As a result, the “softening” lasted a little over a week before he decided to return to his tough-on-illegal-aliens stances. He is malleable. He will listen. We just need to get loud enough. We need to not be weak-kneed and unwilling to call him out when he makes mistakes. There was a time when any criticism of Trump was deemed by most of his supporters as being of “Never Trump” origins. I’m not a Never-Trump. I WANT HIM TO SUCCEED. That’s why I’m willing to say that he seems to be losing touch with his base and he needs to reverse course on certain issues.

On the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel with JD Rucker, I discussed why he needs an intervention and how losing touch with his base means we must make him hear our voices even louder now.


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