“It’s such a fine line between clever and stupid,” David St. Hubbins informs us in This Is Spinal Tap, and to adapt his profound insight, given that contemporary liberalism operates mostly in cliches, how do you discern the fine line between plagiarism and stupid liberal cliches?

Consider the case of this year’s Duke University undergraduate commencement speaker, Priya Parkash, who is being accused of plagiarizing a Harvard student commencement speaker from 2014. Parkash has copped a “no contest” plea, admitting that she inadvertently appropriated some of the language of the Harvard student. (Though in a typical detail common among people who attack “privilege,” Parkash issued the statement through “the crisis public relations firm Red Banyan.” There’s no privilege like leftist privilege these days.)

An indignant Harvard Crimson is all over the story, offering several side-by-side comparisons:

There’s more, but this is enough. Observations:

—Liberals today are unoriginal people, so it is to be expected that they would copy each other. As I say, how can you tell what is plagiarism, or fealty to the lexicon of liberal cliches that are so richly rewarded in liberal-run institutions? Is it any surprise that they all sound alike?

—Liberal Duke graduates are entitled to a refund, since Duke has plainly failed to provide an education that enables individuals to think for themselves and generate original thoughts.

—Memo to employers: Do I really need to finish this sentence?

Let’s get out with David St. Hubbins:

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