Tucker continues his coverage of violent activism by pro-aborts after that recent opinion leak on why it would be good to allow people to vote their opinions on abortions. Highlights include:

“A week ago exactly, an unnamed saboteur at the Supreme Court leaked a draft opinion by justice Sam Alito explaining why Roe v Wade ought to be overturned.”

“Now, people went completely hysterical over it, but actually, as a legal matter Alito’s views are not especially controversial.”

“Roe is bad law. Over the past half century, many have acknowledged that, including many pro-choice democrats, including Joe Biden. So, at this point 49 years in, if you’re an office holder who supports legal abortion, the obvious solution is to vote for legal abortion. Pass a law, like they do in democracies. It’s not complicated, that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

“But democrats have no interest in that. Democracy is a tiresome process, and worst of all the outcome isn’t always guaranteed. They prefer what they call ‘direct action,’ not democracy. So, liberal activists immediately set about threatening Supreme Court justices and then attacking Christianity.”

“Now, you’d think the Biden administration might have something to say about this. It was all public, Joe Biden purports to be a catholic. Intimidating judges, by the way, is a federal crime.”

“But, no, the Biden administration did not try and stop this, the justice department did nothing In fact, from her podium at the White House, the president’s publicist endorsed the coming harassment, very clearly. ‘The president’s view is that there’s a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people,’ Jen Psaki explained.”

“So, the message to Joe Biden’s abortion militia could not have been clearer: Go forth and terrorize.”

“The Christian counseling center had nothing to do with Samuel Alito’s opinion, of course. The Christian counseling center only talks to women who are pregnant and aren’t sure what to do next. They don’t make money doing it, they’re not Planned Parenthood, they’re not getting rich by giving gender-altering chemicals to your kids or committing abortion, no, they’re just talking to girls who are confused and upset.”

“Some of those girls wind up having abortions anyway, but the people at the Christian counseling center are trying their best to do their duty, they’re not doing anything aggressive at all. But because their views are repugnant to the left, their building was firebombed.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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