Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has been forced to leave his home out of concern for his safety following the leak of his draft opinion that could signal the end of Roe v. Wade. The last thing he and his family need right now is a media outlet fanning the flames of outrage.

So, naturally, a media outlet is fanning the flames of outrage. In this case, it’s CNN, and they’re getting some help from one of Justice Alito’s former classmates at Princeton. Susan Squier is a Professor Emeritus of English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Penn State.

We’re not sure why we’re supposed to care what one of Justice Alito’s woke pro-abort former classmates thinks about him, but it’s pretty clear that CNN wants us to care:

There’s plenty to pick apart here. Let’s start with this:

“Those of us who went to Princeton have a privilege of having gone there. We can get listened to. So we have to speak for the women who cannot get listened to, the women who are going to be massively impacted — I hate that word — by this horrible new decision. So that was what we were thinking about.”

A bunch of busybody pro-aborts writing a strongly worded letter to stick it to Justice Alito when he’s already dealing with angry mobs and death threats are apparently supposed to impress us, but they don’t.

More from Squier:

“Why are we still fighting? Why are we still dealing with this? So, we really have benefited by the opportunities that Roe gave us. We could go to college. We could go to graduate school. Our lives weren’t going to be massively impacted by it. It felt like we should do something.”

Increased access to abortion allowed women to follow their dreams and make something of themselves! And we have to do everything we can to preserve that [narrative]!

We totally understand why you get that impression. Pro-aborts like her basically have one script and they stick to it.

And make no mistake: this is propaganda. It’s dressed up as stunning bravery, but it’s most definitely propaganda:

“And then when I read the document, I read all 98 pages of it. And, mind you, I’m trained as a scholar of literature and medicine, and I look at nuance. And when I saw that he had smuggled into the document the wording from the Mississippi Gestational Age Act, which, as I understand it — now, I’m not a lawyer —  but isn’t even law yet, and he was referring to unborn children rather than fetuses. I was just stunned. I mean, I have read a lot of medical history going back for doing literature and medicine, and his is like a greatest hits of misogyny. He doesn’t consider the context. And this man was a historian at Princeton. He was a double major in history and poli sci. But it’s as if he doesn’t believe history actually involves a record of things changing. Instead, it’s history as ‘let’s go back to the Salem Witch Trials.’ Ugh. It makes me so angry.”

That portion of Squier’s little rage fest is probably the most egregiously offensive of all.

Assigning humanity to unborn humans is “misogyny”? OK, Susan. You go with that. Make sure you tell all the pro-life women out there that they’re misogynists, Ms. Women’s Studies Professor.

Maybe Justice Alito isn’t “trained as a scholar of literature and medicine” like Susan here, but he understands nuance a hell of a lot better than she does. He understands history a hell of a lot better than she does. He understands a lot of things a hell of a lot better than she does.

Next time you decide you need to come after Justice Alito, CNN, just have one of your Real Journalists do it. It would at least save you guys the trouble of having to track down someone like Susan Squier to do your dirty work.

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