Amy Siskind thinks inflation at 8.3% is a good thing. Apparently, even if inflation is still near the highest it’s been in 40 years it’s a good thing because it didn’t go up quite as fast in April.

Or something.

Hey man, don’t look at us, we don’t write her tweets.

Ok, so this was pretty horrible by itself. But then this Ann Brenoff person chimed in mocking Americans who are legitimately afraid because they can’t find baby formula. We’re not sure what sort of person takes comedic joy in this and to be honest, we’re not sure we WANT to know that person.

And this seems to have really and truly cracked Amy up.

Yes, yes we do care about babies having food to survive. CRAZY, we know.

Same people who accuse Republicans of not caring about a baby after he or she is born are lauging at parents who can’t find baby formula. Yeah, they suck.

Becket Adams responded:

Seriously. Could people like Amy and her pal who think it’s funny we’re going through a baby formula shortage be any more out of touch with everyday people?


Checkmate, GQP!

That’s exactly how her tweet came across.


And then some.



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