A leaked list of alleged Uyghur prisoners in Xinjiang has detailed thousands of Muslim detainees in the custody of the Chines Communist Party amid an ongoing effort to eradicate the ethno-religious minority from the state.

The Agence France-Presse has viewed a list of over 10,000 alleged detainees from Konesheher County in the province.

Uyghurs represent a Muslim ethnic minority in China, primarily concentrated in Xinjiang province, known to locals as East Turkestan.

The Muslim-majority region from which the Uyghurs hail has intermittently been part of the Chinese state since the Han Dynasty, though their have been numerous interruptions to Huaxia rule over the territory. Islam gained significant traction in the region following the Battle of Talas, during with the Abbassid Caliphate triumphed over the Tang Dynasty in the Eigth Century A.D.

As this reporter previously detailed for Breitbart News, the Chinese Communist Party has detained millions of Chinese Muslims in “vocational training” centers in which they become subject to forced abortions, systemic rape, sterilization, slave labor, and involuntary relocation.

Many of the detainees enter the camps under dubious legal pretenses. AFP highlighted a rise from, 21,000 sentences by Xinjiang courts in 2014 to 133,000 in 2018.

The government in Beijing has denounced camp escapees as paid actors deliberately exaggerating the hardships faced by Uighur detainees.

The Mandarin language and Han Chinese culture are not indigenous to the Xinjiang province.

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