Last summer CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter interviewed White House press secretary Jen Psaki, and only the softest of softball questions were lobbed in Psaki’s direction. For example, Stelter actually asked Psaki “what does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda?”

Today is Psaki’s last day as Biden’s spokesperson, and Stelter’s sendoff is something else:

We expected nothing less than full devotion to carrying Psaki’s water one final time:

Considering Stelter’s previous interview with Psaki, a glowing review of her tenure as press secretary certainly was not unexpected. Here’s just one example from

How Psaki excelled
Conservatives (some of whom watched Psaki’s briefings live on Fox) criticized Psaki for dodging questions. Liberals celebrated her for neutralizing loaded questions (including some asked by Fox) and defending Biden’s agenda. WH reporters appreciated her accessibility, though it didn’t make up for Biden’s relative lack of press conferences and interviews.

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple tallied the number of appearances that Psaki made as press secretary on various networks and said “what sticks out here is the evenhanded treatment among networks, particularly Fox News.” On Fox last Sunday, Psaki said her objective has been “speaking to the public and certainly engaging in and valuing a free press.”

Kumar, a regular presence in the briefing room, told me Psaki excelled as a briefer “because she came in well prepared for the job.”

The media tallied the number of briefings Psaki held but did any care to tally the number of lies that were told? And as usual…

Obviously Stelter doesn’t want any reality to end up in his feed.

Even North Korean state media might tell Stelter to take it down a notch so it isn’t quite so obvious.

One more thing:

And Biden talks to the media — well, let’s just say not nearly as much as Trump did.

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