Jen Psaki was sure to take the time today in her final White House press briefing to celebrate herself and thank Joe Biden for taking a chance on a starry-eyed fellow Irish person like her.

But don’t think for a second that this was all just some big love fest. Psaki also made sure to save time to tackle the important business of the day: gaslighting the White House press corps and the American people.

Biden may very well be aware of the saying, “the buck stops here” (that would be impressive, given that he’s not aware of much these days). But when it comes to what that actually means, he seems a lot less clear on it.

It was literally just yesterday when the White House tried to blame the sluggish economy in 2021 on the unavailability of a COVID vaccine that was, in fact, quite available.

All bucks that stop at Joe Biden’s desk immediately get recycled into excuses about why everything bad that happens is ackshually the Republicans’ fault. The economy has only gotten exponentially worse since Joe Biden took office, and that’s on him and the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden only ever takes credit for the good stuff, which is actually bad stuff desperately and shamelessly dressed up as good by Ron Klain and Co.



‘He’s lost it’: President Joe Biden starts screaming about food shortages, blames MAGA

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