The White House continued its new trend of tweeting fake news and hoping no one calls them out on it. Surprise! Not only are they being called out, but they it’s coming from some unexpected people. Like WaPo owner, the second richest man in America, Jeff Bezos. Bezos took a break from his vendetta against much more successful Elon Musk to take issue with a recent tweet from “Joe Biden.”

Not the dumbest thing said about inflation this week. That honor goes to Congresswoman Katie Porter, who encourages more abortion to tackle the increasing prices of of goods and services.

I know I’m not supposed to insult social media professionals by implying companies let interns run their social media. But either interns are tweeting out on behalf of the White House, or they handed over social media to the same nincompoops who took six months to come up with Ultra-MAGA.

Jeff Bezos gave Washington Post’s fact-checker a break and called out this tweet himself.

Non-sequiturs are all the left knows. There are issues the American people care about, and there are issues ultra-elitist progressives think are more important and that the American people are too stupid to care about. It’s how we get stupid-ass tweets like this. Everything becomes infrastructure. The way to improve the economy is to abort more children. And if you want to bring down inflation, sign on to the left’s vendetta against billionaires. They’ve invested a lot of time villainizing billionaires. By claiming billionaires not paying a “fair share” is why we have so much inflation, surely the American people will be dumb enough to fall for it!

The people who control Joe Biden might want to spend six more months coming up with better talking points. It’s too late for 2022. But there’s still 2024 to worry about.

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