A self-described “comedian” and former unpaid writer for the Huffington Post who now operates a web of political websites that garner minimal traffic has been tracking down and sending harassing messages to female conservative political commentators, it’s been revealed.

“Anyone know a James Schlarmann?” asked the Federalist’s Anna James Zeigler. “He saw a tweet of mine that apparently triggered him to such an extent he tracked me down on Facebook & messaged me to let me know I’m the one with issues.”

The New York Post’s Karol Markowicz received a similarly unhinged message from the writer, who described the Jewish pundit as “KKKarol.”

“James Schlarmann really thought he had me here,” Karol wrote, correctly observing that “people who see a tweet they don’t like and then message you on another platform have serious problems.”

Fox News editor Will Ricciardella noted that he’d been getting similar messages from the unhinged writer for a decade.

In a Facebook post, Schlarmann unsuccessfully attempted to get users to mass report his harassing tweet.

A number of other women contacted by Schlarmann reached out with their own stories during the process of writing this article, however none wanted their messages shared out of fear for retaliation.

Schlarmann operates a number of websites owned by A Step Too Far Media, LLC, most of which don’t seem to get any traffic at all.

According to Similarweb, one portfolio website called The Political Garbage Chute is the 4.9 millionth most viewed website in the world. Another site he operates, The Pastiche Post, isn’t even the 14 millionth most viewed website. His newer sites don’t appear to be operating any better either. One of his newer creations, “Not Really News,” ranks 6.15 million in traffic.

Indeed, calling A Step Too Far a “media” company seems about as actual as Schlarmann describing himself as a comedian.

So poorly organized is his media empire (lol) that even the landing page which links to the various portfolio websites on the “A Step Too Far Media” websites leads to a 404 error for each individual website instead of the actual websites themselves.  

Schlarmann state’s that A Step Too Far Media’s mission statement is to create ” create engaging, memorable content, for both our in-house and external clientele.”

Current articles include such doozies as “Masturbation at work is a doctor-approved way to relieve stress” and “CDC Suggests Chronic Masturbators Replace Regular Lube With Hand Sanitizer.” It’s unclear exactly what market he’s targeting with these kind of articles, which is reflected in his websites’ embarrassingly abysmal levels of traffic.

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