Remember when you were a kid and your mom yelled at you for the slightest transgression you committed, but your felonious punk sibling got away with redrum?

Democrats have the same problem. They turn a blind eye to the shocking level of violence perpetrated by a certain group of people whom they consider to be a locked-in portion of their voting base but come out spitting and swinging when one of those evil white people does something atrocious.

Why not respond to every situation the same way? That would be what we call equality, and that’s the goal, right? Yet when we call for equality, we are somehow “bigots.”

Some liberal jackpudding noticed the shocking level of violence against Asian people last year and thought they could pin the carnage on Trump because he referred to COVID-19 as the “China Flu.” Legacy Democrat bootlickers jumped on board.

Then we found out that 85% of the anti-Asian violence isn’t being committed by rednecks in MAGA hats.

The left immediately lost its zeal to protect older, Asian women from getting stomped. Black-on-Asian violence continues today: a black man with an “assault-like rifle” shot three Korean women in Dallas just last week. Yet when was the last time you saw Chuck Schumer in that “#StopAsianHate” mask?

Needless to say, the local press ran cover for the Dallas shooter.

The motive for the crime was unknown, but police said there was no immediate evidence it was a hate crime, according to KXAS.

Motive unknown? How many elderly Asian women have to die before we can call it a pattern?

Equality Under the Law

This is yet another situation where conservatives and liberals part ways. I’m happy to see the Buffalo shooter, a white, 18-year-old male, go to prison forever. (I’m pro-death penalty in certain cases, but that’s a subject for a different article). He is a monster and monsters need to disappear — all of them, not just the white ones. Treat every criminal the same. But the left just can’t do that.

The left not only goes blind when it comes to black crime, but they also facilitate it. We’ve all seen videos of thieves cleaning out Walgreens and Louis Vitton stores. Liberal bastions like Chicago and the state of California allow thieves to swipe $950 and $1,000 worth of swag respectively while screaming about phantom “white supremacists” supposedly marauding across the country. We’ve seen liberal mayors release criminals from prison. Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx all but refuses to charge black people with crimes, even when they commit violent crimes against other black people. That’s why our large, blue cities are experiencing record murder rates. Tell me again how conservative white people are responsible for the shocking number of black people murdered in cities like Chicago.

FACT-O-RAMA! Martin Luther King, Jr. fought and died for black equality, not for free handbags.

The left, by ignoring and even allowing black crime, isn’t “helping” black people. It’s reinforcing a poor stereotype.

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A black supremacist and an admitted fan of Hitler, Darrell Brooks, ran his car over more than 60 white people in a Christmas parade last year. The bolshie news tools dutifully defended him by saying he didn’t commit the atrocity on purpose, that he was fleeing another crime scene when he “accidentally” ran over the white people, killing six.

Even today, Twitter is running cover for the Waukesha attack.

We get it, the Democrat institutions of slavery and Jim Crow were vile. But turning a blind eye to black violence today isn’t helping; it’s hurting everyone, especially the black people whom the left claims to care about.

FACT-O-RAMA! Twenty people were shot this weekend in Milwaukee after a Bucks basketball game.

The Marxist lefties need to stop sheltering some criminals while pillorying others, but they won’t. Their goal isn’t to “raise up” black people. Nor do they want equality for all. Democrats have black people right where they want them, feeling like helpless victims of “white supremacy.” Why? Here’s a hint:

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