This verified Morgan Freeman says he’s a TV producer, filmmaker, and radical justice advocate, and he’s horning in on Ibram X. Kendi’s lucrative territory by instructing us all on the first steps toward being “anti-racist.”

But what is “whiteness” (in scare quotes)?

We actually sort of appreciate what he’s done here by defining “whiteness,” because people have tried before with lesser results.

We think we were first alerted to the specter of whiteness back in 2019, with this slide showing characteristics of white supremacy:

We did some digging and found that these characteristics of white supremacy culture were drawn from an often-cited 2001 study by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, who came up with a workbook entitled, “Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups.”

Next, we saw the works of Jones and Okun turn up at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture, which provided an exhibit on whiteness and white culture. The one that said that “rugged individualism,” the nuclear family, and an emphasis on the scientific method were characteristics of whiteness? (They took it down after the backlash.)

So we have this 2001 study which a lot of people have relied on, especially in those Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops you’ve had to sit through at work. And the purpose of those workshops is to have white people recognize their whiteness and the effect it has on marginalized groups.

So, yeah, whiteness is a thing now, and it’s toxic. That’s why groups like Black Lives Matter want to “disrupt” the nuclear family. See, people of color live in communities more than they do families. “It Takes a Village”?

Anyway, Freeman says we have to start by admitting that whiteness is a dis

No, being white isn’t bad in itself; you just have to recognize your whiteness and work beyond it.

If only white people understood what the anti-racists are asking of them, which is pretty much the dismantling of society as we know it. There’s a reason the Black Lives Matter co-founders called themselves “trained Marxists.”

P.S. That “Healing From Internalized Whiteness” slide we’re using alongside this post is 100 percent real.


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