Friday was Jen Psaki’s final day as President Biden’s press secretary, and today the Karine Jean-Pierre era began. Judging by how many questions were sidestepped or simply not directly answered, the transition is going to be seamless.

Jean-Pierre’s tenure began by reminding reporters about her qualifications and credentials (and by that, we mean sexual orientation and immigration history). Jean-Pierre then went on to not really provide an answer to a question about why President Biden will visit Buffalo, NY tomorrow but didn’t feel the need to go to Waukesha.

Moving on, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre about this tweet from @JoeBiden:

As you can see, Biden’s new press secretary took a time-honored approach for this administration, which is to pretend to not know what Doocy’s referring to followed by refusing to actually answer the question:

That rambling non-answer makes it sound as if Jean-Pierre has been taking question answering lessons from Kamala Harris!

There were more “ums” and “uhs” in that non-answer than actual words.

In fairness to Jean-Pierre, there was no way to answer the question about @JoeBiden’s tweet honestly because it’s so incredibly economically illiterate.



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