This editor did a lengthy post Monday about “whiteness” after one man said that being “anti-racist” started with admitting that “whiteness” is a disease. It’s OK to be white as long as you’re an anti-racist, and being an anti-racist, of course, means that you are actively trying to deconstruct whiteness. What is whiteness? There’s a 2001 study on which a lot of DEI departments rely that describes whiteness. As that exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture explained, “whiteness” involves such beliefs as self-reliance; that hard work is the key to success; that the nuclear family is the ideal social unit, and children should have their own rooms and be independent; that the wife is a homemaker and subservient to the husband; that you respect authority; planning for the future and delaying gratification; and so on.

The key is to recognize that whiteness is a problem and needs to become a relic of the past, as it doesn’t fit the future that progressives foresee.

The Washington Post on Tuesday, following the mass shooting by a white supremacist who subscribed to the Great Replacement Theory, wrote about whiteness, and noted how the leaked decision draft suggesting Roe v. Wade might be overturned “is about protecting Whiteness” (The Washington Post has chosen to break with the AP and capitalize White as well as Black.)

Brian Broome writes:

The same sort of thinking about race and birthrates now dominates the conservative Supreme Court. The leaked draft opinion isn’t about protecting babies. It is about protecting Whiteness. Specifically, White babies. Many others have pointed out that if Republicans really cared about babies and children, they’d help provide help for poor infants, child care, health care, better funding for schools, and the like. But their concern is not about babies and children in general — only certain babies. The Supreme Court draft decision is about protecting what conservatives believe is a diminishing demographic and their most valuable resource: White people.

Is it just us, or do the opponents of the Great Replacement Theory sound just as racist and unhinged as its proponents?

This is the Washington Post trying really hard to be “diverse.” Someone in this sea of white people at the Washington Post was tasked with finding a black man to write this.


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