What is “The Great Replacement Theory”? As with most political attacks, it depends on which Democratic partisan you ask. Generally, the theory posits the notion that the elites are driving illegal immigrants to America in order to replace white people with brown people.

The theory was coined by an early 20th-century French right-wing nut, Renaud Camus. He thought that all the foreigners being allowed to emigrate to France and other white European countries were destroying the essence of European civilization and that the “Great Replacement” was being driven by European elites who wanted to replace the white population with more docile people from Africa and Asia.

Very few mainstream Republicans adhere to that nonsense. Instead, they believe in what we might call “Replacement Theory-Lite.”

Business Insider:

Insider then asked [Mitch] McConnell whether he believes Democrats are seeking amnesty for undocumented immigrants for the purpose of influencing and changing the electorate and giving themselves a political advantage — a version of the theory promoted by right-wing media outlets and some Republican politicians.

But he demurred a third time.

“What I’m concerned about with regard to the southern border is the relative openness of it,” he said, criticizing the Biden administration for lifting Title 42.

This theory has the Democrats fostering illegal immigration in order to build a permanent, overwhelming majority of Democratic voters by first inviting the foreigners to the U.S. and then legalizing them, giving them the right to vote. The effect would be to destroy the GOP. Racists add the caveat that the brown people coming from south of the border would “replace” the Anglo-Saxon white people who built this country.

We all know that the Democrats are just too good, too pure, too noble, too fair, and too downright nice to try to pull off anything so cynical, so inimical to American values. So it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory?

Not entirely. The part about Democrats wanting to flood the country with brown people to replace white people is about as nauseatingly stupid and racist as it gets.  But Democrats can’t deny that their stated goal is to legalize the 11+ million illegal aliens who are already in the United States by giving them a “path to citizenship.”

It should be noted that Democrats are not advocating these illegals be automatically made citizens. But it’s part of their “immigration reform” plans to legalize them by giving them green cards.

For Democrats, this is a matter of public policy. It’s not a conspiracy theory. They were going to push through a bill in September of 2021 to make 8 million illegal aliens legal residents by using the reconciliation process until the Senate parliamentarian shot them down.

As I said, Democrats are far too noble to try and use public policy to legalize 8 million people who vote for Democrats 75 percent of the time. It never crossed their pretty little heads. Their motives are pure as the driven snow and how dare we question those motives?

And when they call Republicans racists for opposing their plan and daring to cite their own public policy proposals when doing so, it’s just a “distraction.”

Are we able to oppose the public policy choices of our political opponents without being called “racists”?

The notion that Democrats want to use the immigration system for their political advantage is not loony and not a conspiracy theory. “Replacement” is not the goal. Political power is. And Democrats and their allies in the media have pounced on this racist theory, tied the rational opposition to a political power play, and now get to claim the moral high ground.

Once again, extremists on the far-right have played into the Democrats’ hands, making their job of maintaining power ridiculously easy.

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