A couple of weeks before the mass shooting in Buffalo by a self-proclaimed white supremacist, the New York Times had already run its multi-part hit job on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, accusing him of racism. Then the shooting happened, and everyone pointed their fingers at Carlson — but not before people had grabbed a copy of the shooter’s manifesto before Google Docs took it offline. The shooter never mentioned Carlson and thought Fox News was overrun by Jews; he said he’d been radicalized on the internet.

Still, people like Sen. Chuck Schumer called him out for inspiring the shooter with talk of “replacement theory.” Schumer turned down an invitation to appear on Carlson’s show, though.

Politico wonders why President Joe Biden isn’t calling out Carlson specifically. According to a senior aide, the White House didn’t want to give Carlson a clip of Biden criticizing him that he could use on-air every night.

Politico reports:

“[We] totally understand the desire to call people out who have been pushing this disgusting rhetoric, but I also think it’s worth remembering that many of these demagogues would love nothing more than the oxygen and attention that comes from the president blasting them,” a person familiar with the White House’s thinking said. “And in turn, that attention and notoriety may help them further spread these lies.”

“Doesn’t mean you never call them out, but I think it means you need to be very judicious about doing so and cognizant that it may have unintended consequences,” the person added.

Someone should have told Schumer before he opened his mouth.

Politico notes that Biden’s plan to travel to Buffalo “came within hours of the reports of the mass shooting there,” yet it took them six weeks to send Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’ husband to Waukesha, and even then the first lady just talked about the COVID vaccine.


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