As we told you earlier, Business Insider did a “name and shame” on some Republicans who “voted against a bill to help poor families buy baby formula amid the ongoing shortage.”

Naturally the GOP’s media critics aren’t pointing out that many Republicans don’t think pumping more money into the same bureaucracies that created the problem in the first place is a smart move, but the reality of the situation isn’t stopping Rep. Eric Swalwell from pushing the narrative:

Dana Loesch put it into perspective:

The Dem effort to take the focus off what caused this problem in the first place is shameless as usual.

Are the Dems advising parents having trouble finding infant formula to just buy an electric vehicle? Wait, we got our Biden crises mixed up!

“This isn’t actually what happened” would be a misinformation flag under all of Swalwell’s tweets if Twitter were being honest and fair.

The Democrats’ last resort is going to be to pretend the messes Biden and the Democrats have created are somehow the fault of the Republicans. Voters aren’t buying it.



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