Republicans will choose three of their Congressional nominees Saturday, rather than choosing nominees through the standard primary process in late June.

In two of the races, Republicans will hold party-run conventions, in which only registered Republicans who register as convention delegates can vote. The third will be a firehouse primary chosen through ranked voting, which will be conducted by Republican officials, rather than local election officials.

A Republican convention process will be used in the 8th Congressional district, which is a strong Democratic district held by Rep. Don Beyer. The other two races are expected to be more competitive in the general election – the fifth Congressional district, in which Republicans will also use a convention process, is held by Republican Rep. Bob Good and the Republican nominee for the 10th Congressional district, which is currently held by Democratic Rep. Jennifer Wexton, will be chosen through a firehouse primary.

Every other Republican Congressional nominee will be chosen through a June 21 primary, as will every Democratic Congressional nominee.

For the 5th district, Good will be challenged by Dan Moy, who is the chair of the Charlottesville Republican Committee. Good received an endorsement from Trump and is a member of the staunchly conservative Freedom Caucus. Moy is challenging Good out of opposition to some of his votes, which includes Good’s opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act, which funds aspects of the military. Good opposed the bill because it required vaccines for members of the military. Moy also disagreed with Good’s opposition to certain financial aid to Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine war.

Two years ago, Good became the Republican nominee by defeating former incumbent Rep. Denver Riggleman.

In the 8th Congressional district, five Republicans are vying for the nomination to try to unseat Beyer: Monica Carpio, Jeff Jordan, Heerak Christian Kim, Karina Lipsman and Kezia Tunnell. There are 11 Republican candidates in the 10th Congressional district.

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