Posted by Kane on May 19, 2022 11:51 pm


Solid moment from House hearing | Timestamped

“But Mr. chairman that’s the whole point. This is what’s going on. Folks at home if you’re trying to figure this out, if you’re scratching their heads, you’re seeing the video you see droves of people 2.4 million people coming over the border illegally, the President allowing, the Democrats in charge of Congress are allowing it, the deal is they’re going to turn them into voters. You just heard it they don’t have any problem with that. They celebrate it. Here’s the deal we have a problem with it, the constitution has a problem with it, American elections should be decided by American citizens that’s it. That’s what this is about that’s why we’re jumping up and down and screaming my friends on the video who are commenting about this that’s why we’re so upset because our constituents are frightened that we are losing our country we’re losing our security or losing our sovereignty because we’re going to allow people from 160 different countries around the world to come in here and decide our elections that’s it. Here it is on record you all heard it.”

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