The Biden administration’s economic gaslighting continues and has even been ramped up a notch as evidenced by this @POTUS quote tweet of WH press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre:

That “world” the US is outpacing is the same one this administration is begging to pump more oil and asking to send baby formula.

But being a Democrat president means knowing that most of the media will have your back, and that was the case on CNN this week:

Biden should make “prettiest house on the ugly block” his new slogan just so “Build Back Better” stops getting mercilessly mocked.

Just imagine what they’d be saying on CNN if a certain former president was still in office and this was happening.

Just yesterday CNN reported that the Biden White House was in “crisis mode” over a baby formula “mess they didn’t create,” so the Democrats will be pleased with the cable net’s ongoing spin efforts.

People often ask how Biden’s approval could even be in the high 30s, but noticing how much support he continues to get in large segments of the media helps explain at least some of it.



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