As we reported last Saturday night, it took about ten minutes for people to start blaming Tucker Carlson and Fox News for the mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store. Never mind that the shooter never mentioned Carlson in his manifesto and thought that Fox News had been taken over by Jews. According to a senior aide, President Joe Biden didn’t mention Carlson by name in his speech in Buffalo because he didn’t want to give Carlson material to use on his show, but Sen. Chuck Schumer took to the floor and blamed Fox News and Carlson (but refused an invitation to go on his show and confront him).

It’s been a week, but MSNBC — home of some shameless conspiracy theorists — is still on the case, and has talked to “extremism experts, media watchdogs, and activists” who think it’s time Carlson faced consequences for his words.

Daniel Arkin reports:

“Tucker Carlson has made comments that directly reference this conspiracy theory on his show,” said Michael Edison Hayden, a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that tracks white supremacy, hate groups and extremism.

The suspect’s apparent document does not state that he watched “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” a mainstay of the Fox News lineup since 2016. Fox News did not comment directly on the criticism of Carlson, but a spokeswoman for the network directed NBC News to on-air statements in which the host disavowed political violence.

NBC News contacted spokespeople for 14 corporations that reportedly advertise on Fox News, including General Motors and WeightWatchers, and asked if their companies planned to continue advertising on the network following the tragedy in Buffalo.

So, three things: The SPLC is a joke; of course, NBC News used Media Matters as a source; and NBC News is now participating in extortion journalism, in which it names and shames companies that don’t toe the leftist line on things like abortion.

Is Rachel Maddow still on the air at MSNBC?


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