Quotes from the late comedian and social critic, George Carlin, often surface in the political arena of social media. Both the Left and the Right have been known to use his insights to demonstrate their own points.

Ironic that political wings have come to fight over claiming Carlin’s humor for their own affiliations when his comedy career was a controversial compilation of his own bold assessments and ruthless truths that could offend anyone and everyone on a given topic with neither prejudice nor remorse.

Fortunately, fans of Carlin are not easily persuaded that everything must align with partisan preference.

It is easy to speculate that George Carlin would have been disgusted by the thought of being a political darling for any party, and especially by the thought of being partisan media clickbait.

Whether Carlin would like it or not, his observations continue to be relevant in our present state. Perhaps those who can really claim him as one of their own are the commoners, we the people, caught in the chaos.

There are, at least, some points we can all agree on.

Feel free to indulge in the philosophy and comedy of George Carlin, expect to be offended at least part of the time. In a world where we agree on so little, it is nice to have a voice from the past whose bias can not be defined as strictly partisan.

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