Professor Michael Eric Dyson thinks people want to ban abortion so there will be more white babies because we’re scared that Whiteness is disappearing around the world. Or something. Sounds an awful lot like Dyson is pushing that super racist Replacement Theory stuff …

Oh, and if he thinks banning abortions would result in more white babies we have a bridge to sell him.

Watch this insanity:

He does know which demographic is absolutely DECIMATED by abortion, right?

Hint, it’s not white babies.

Who knew?

Oh, and we’re seeing the fact this guy is a frequent guest on Joy Reid’s show floating around Twitter which makes total sense.


Just insane.

Man, that totally sums up the Democratic Party.

Even if he realized it, he won’t care.

Racism sells big on CNN.

Oh, and on MSNBC as well. Our bad.



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