Russia put out a block ‘list’ of nearly 1000 Americans who are banned from entering the country. Of course, WaPo had to point out that Trump is not banned …

Of course, neither is Obama but you don’t see the media making a big deal of his not being listed. C’mon, Russia would never ban the guy who promised to be ‘more flexible’ after his election.

But we digress.

Jen Psaki, fresh from leaving the White House, made this little snarky joke about being on the list (you know, being super proud of the fact she was banned):

Don’t worry, Jen, they still love you.

Interesting she doesn’t mention her former boss was NOT on the list … we’ll just keep reminding her.

There’s a reason for that.

Ok, so this account was being funny HOWEVER the number of Psaki’s supporters freaking out on him lecturing HIM about sarcasm … chef’s kiss. And he stayed in character which only made them all look dumber.

Meanwhile, people kept sharing this picture with Jen to remind her how much Russia actually still loves her.

They’re givers that way.


It’s pink and everything.

It’s weird, right.


And fin.



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