The FBI has released a report on “active shooter incidents” in 2021. The report is interesting, in part because it documents a sharp rise in such incidents after Joe Biden’s inauguration:

To be fair, there was also a smaller increase in active shooters in the last year of the Trump administration. What is the cause of the current increase, a doubling of active shooter incidents since 2019? The only possibility that comes to mind is the covid shutdowns, which are known to have contributed to mental health issues. Perhaps the spike in active shooter incidents is one more baleful consequence of those irrational policies.

The good news is that, while incidents are up, casualties from such incidents are not:

Those casualty numbers are striking: in 2021, 103 killed and 140 wounded. In a country of over 300 million, those numbers are very low. For purposes of comparison, lightning strikes cause an average of 270 casualties annually. But, for whatever reason, active shooters, as defined in the FBI report, tend to be disproportionately viewed as a risk.

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