Earlier, we highlighted this mind-numbingly tone-deaf and hacktacular tweet by CNN reporter John Harwood explaining that ackshually, inflation not only isn’t a bad thing, but it’s healthy for Americans in the long-term:

Well, how convenient! With all that excess saving we’ve apparently been doing, we should be able to pool our money together and buy ourselves a time machine!

We kid, of course. We don’t need a time machine; we just need Twitter’s search function in order to dig up buried treasures like this 2018 tweet from Harwood about — you guessed it! — inflation and savings:

Boy, what a difference a (D) makes.

“It was different when the bad orange man was president” is basically the mantra of the mainstream media. Compared to the Trump era, the Biden era has wreaked absolute havoc on Americans’ wallets and savings, but John Harwood and pals will be damned if they sit by and allow you to notice.

You really do have to laugh at John Harwood, don’t you? It’s all but impossible not to. The guy legit thinks you’re too stupid to understand that having less money to spend on essentials is bad no matter who the president is and that Donald Trump, for all his faults — and he had many, to be sure — didn’t put us in this position.

John Harwood’s apparently sincere belief that we’re blind to the world around us is what we like to call a classic case of projection.

And it’s exactly what got him hired by CNN.

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