Don’t believe your lying eyes, John Harwood says. Harwood managed to find an economist who has his head up so far up his backside that he’s claiming Americans AREN’T actually being crushed by Biden’s inflation and they are AOK since the government gave them SO MUCH COVID relief.

First, they told us inflation was transitory, then they said inflation was good, then they blamed Putin for inflation, and NOW they’re telling us inflation is bad BUT since the government gave away so much ‘free money’ during their forced lockdowns, Americans are fine.

We’re just too dumb to know it or something.

Households for the most part are in a good financial place.


From CNN: (sorry)

That’s because families up and down the income scale, thanks to Covid relief checks, generally still have more money than before the pandemic; in the lingo of economic analysts, “household balance sheets” still have “excess savings.” Unemployment has fallen back below 4%

“The excess saving has been enough to cushion the impact of declining real wages on spending, even for lower-income households,” says Moody’s chief economist, Mark Zandi. “American households are for the most part in a good financial place.”

The Biden White House was hardly alone last year in believing inflation would be short-lived. So did the Federal Reserve, the government agency responsible for monitoring and controlling inflation through stewardship of monetary policy. The media’s role is always to hold the government accountable. But the unelected, comparatively obscure Fed doesn’t hold daily press briefings.

It’s all about the midterms.

True story.

There’s a reason people hate Harwood’s profession.

Yup. Even if you’re struggling to fill up your gas tank and feed your family you’re still TOTES doing well. CNN says so.



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