Nobody loves talking about muskets more than anti-2A nobs. They remind us of the Electoral College haters who only want to change the EC when their candidate doesn’t win. Notice when Biden won in 20 talk about how EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT went out the window. Don’t worry, when a Republican wins in 24 they’ll go back to claiming the EC is oppressive and racist and stuff.

Unfortunately, the idiotic claims around the 2A only covering muskets kinda sorta linger regardless of who is in office.

Case in point:

Did she write this tweet with a quill and ink?

You’d think by now people would know better than to make this argument buuuuuut no.

Michigan Law School.


Again, she’s also an analyst on MSNBC.


Scary ain’t it?

C’mon, she said please.

Yeah, Barb.

Dangerous ignorance seems to be the Left’s specialty.

And schooled by Gutowski.

And schooled again by Walker.




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