Elon Musk’s solution for falling U.S. birth rates: celebrate having kids.

World’s richest man Elon Musk says it’s time to start celebrating kids again, according to a report from The Daily Wire. Musk shared his thoughts on America’s falling birth rate on Twitter.

“USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for ~50 years,” Musk tweeted, adding “Contrary to what many think, the richer someone is, the fewer kids they have. I am a rare exception. Most people I know have zero or one kid.”

From The Daily Wire…

Statista noted that In 2017 “the birth rate in the United States was highest in families that had under 10,000 U.S. dollars in income per year, at 66.44 births per 1,000 women. As the income scale increases, the birth rate decreases, with families making 200,000 U.S. dollars or more per year having the lowest birth rate, at 43.92 births per 1,000 women.”

Robby Starbuck, a Tennessee GOP congressional candidate, responded to Musk by claiming that “America needs a culture shift that celebrates the nuclear family & having kids.”

Musk pushed back, saying, “We just need to celebrate having kids.”

This isn’t the first time Elon Musk has spoken out ob having children.

“Some people think that having fewer kids is better for the environment. That’s total nonsense,” Musk said during the All-In Summit on Friday.

“The environment’s gonna be fine even if we doubled the population. And I know about environmental stuff. We can’t have civilization just dwindle into nothing,” he added.

Watch the clip below.

Musk has said in the past that underpopulation is one of the greatest threats to civilization.

“I think one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low birthrate and the rapidly declining birthrate,” Musk says. “And yet, so many people, including smart people, think that there are too many people in the world and think that the population is growing out of control,” Musk continued. “It’s completely the opposite. Please look at the numbers — if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble, mark my words.”

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