Prior to last week, monkeypox was a disease that wasn’t on anyone’s radar other than the puppetmasters among the globalist elites and the scientists they hired to manipulate it. One might wonder why I’ve jumped to such a conspiratorial conclusion without direct evidence, to which I’d ask them if they’d been paying attention the last two-and-a-half years.

Yes, I’m jumping to the conclusion that this new version of a previously innocuous disease is manufactured and being intentionally spread across the globe. I detailed why I believe this in yesterday’s show. But whether you believe it was manufactured or just another random mutation that popped up at the exact right moment, you’ll have to acknowledge that whatever brought forth this monkeypox scare, the powers-that-be are using it to either distract us, control us, or both.

Just in the last 24-hours, I’ve seen information demonstrating the rapid editing of information on official government websites in multiple western nations regarding monkeypox. These edits haven’t been your run-of-the-mill updates on a disease that has emerged into the public consciousness. We’re talking about 1984-style complete rewrites of history, including at least two governments now claiming monkeypox should be treated like smallpox, a disease that killed over 300 million people in the 20th century.

Are they trying to scare us? Absolutely. Should we be scared? Maybe. At this point we don’t know if they’re just trying to gin up support for their Pandemic Treaty or if they’re actually rolling out a massive depopulation bioweapon. There are other possibilities, of course, but unlike Covid, monkeypox may or may not be a big deal. All we know is that they’re desperately trying to make it appear to be a big deal.

I’ll be posting the accumulation of edits and rewritten history as soon as I gather enough examples. In the meantime, here’s a teaser from the United Kingdom where their government monkeypox page has been converted from nothing-to-worry-about to prepare-for-lockdowns-because-monkeypox-is-horrible. As noted by Off-Guardian:

The NHS Just Edited Their Monkeypox Page to Make It Scarier

A few days ago the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) edited their Monkeypox page to alter the narrative in a few key ways.

Firstly, they removed a paragraph from the “How do you get Monkeypox?” section. Up until a few days ago, according to archived links, the Monkeypox page said this, regarding person-to-person transmission [emphasis added]:

It’s very uncommon to get monkeypox from a person with the infection because it does not spread easily between people.

…this has now been totally removed.

Secondly, they’ve removed this paragraph, which was present up until at least November of 2021 (and maybe much more recently, there are no archives between November and May) [emphasis added]:

[Monkeypox] is usually a mild illness that will get better on its own without treatment. Some people can develop more serious symptoms, so patients with monkeypox in the UK are cared for in specialist hospitals.

The new “treatment” paragraph reads [again, emphasis added]…

Treatment for monkeypox aims to relieve symptoms. The illness is usually mild and most people recover in 2 to 4 weeks […] You may need to stay in a specialist hospital, so your symptoms can be treated and to prevent the infection spreading to other people.

So, they remove that it will “get better on its own”, and again reinforce the idea of spreading the disease despite this being described as “very uncommon” as recently as last week.

They even add a line about self-isolating, which was never mentioned before:

as monkeypox can spread if there is close contact, you will need to be isolated if you’re diagnosed with it.

Finally, they now include a warning you can get Monkeypox by eating undercooked meat, which will doubtless feed into the anti-meat narrative too (oh, wait, it already is).

To sum up, history is being re-written a little here. Before, monkeypox “did not spread easily between people”. Now it does. Before, monkeypox would “get better on its own without treatment”. Now it won’t.

It’s early days to say that Monkeypox is going to be the “new Covid”, and maybe this rollout will stall and be forgotten in a couple of weeks, but there’s no doubt they are taking some tips from the Covid playbook so far.

Watchful Without Fear

As I said above, we do not know for sure if this is a Scamdemic like Covid designed to compel us to give up our rights, destroy our economies, and make us beholden to the powers-that-be. That seems likely, but I don’t want to definitively call it a nothingburger until we know for sure that it’s not a real threat. Lest we forget, the globalist elites want control but they also want fewer useless eaters. Until more data is in, we cannot say with any confidence whether this is a fearmongering ploy or a legitimate bioweapon threat.

One thing I do recommend is considering Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s Z-DTox. For transparency, Dr. Z is a sponsor of this site. I couldn’t tell you if his nutraceutical supplements have any effect on monkeypox specifically, but I know the science backs them as beneficial for the immune system in general. As for Covid, it has shown positive results for those who have had Covid, been jabbed, or been exposed to possible “shedding” from others who have been jabbed. I’d recommend it even if they weren’t a sponsor.

Until we have more information, I’m keeping my options open and recommending sane cautiousness. No need to panic, but also no need to be stupid.

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