A Malaysian man got the surprise of a lifetime when a snake crawled out of his toilet bowl and bit him on the buttocks as he sat playing video games on his phone.

What are the details?

The man, 28-year-old Sabri Tazali, said that he was minding his own business in late March when the snake lunged out of the toilet and latched on to his buttocks.

The Star reported that Tazali immediately jumped from the toilet seat and yanked the snake from his backside. He became so panicked that he ran directly through his bathroom door in a bid to flee from the reptile and seek medical treatment.

“When I wanted to open the door I panicked and accidentally broke the door,” he explained.

The snake, which was reported to be a python, was reportedly not venomous, and Tazali needed only a tetanus shot following the ambush.

Weeks later, however, the attack remained in the forefront of his mind — and he ultimately discovered pieces of the viper’s teeth stuck in his backside.

“After two weeks, I checked the wound area,” he said. “There were still (parts) of the snake’s teeth, which probably broke because I forcibly pulled it off me.”

He added that he remains “traumatized” by the incident and admitted that he initially avoided using his toilet for two weeks, instead opting to use a nearby public bathroom to do his business.

This is hardly the first time a snake has popped out of a toilet bowl.

In 2021, a 65-year-old man in Austria found out the hard way that he had a five-foot snake inside his cistern.

He said that he was sitting on the toilet when he felt a “tweak” in the area of his genitals. Sure enough, when he jumped up, he saw a shockingly large snake inside his toilet. He reportedly suffered only minor injuries, but likely will remember the incident for the rest of his life.

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