Hannah Tubbs — the transgender California child molester sentenced to just two years in prison under progressive Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón — now faces a potential life sentence in prison for his alleged brutal murder of another man in 2019.

What are the details?

Kern County Judge Brian McNamara found that prosecutors had presented enough evidence and ordered Tubbs, 26, to stand trial on a first-degree murder charge this week for his alleged role in the death of Michael Clark, KGET-TV reported.

During court testimony on Monday, sheriff’s investigators said multiple witnesses told them that the defendant, formerly James Tubbs, admitted to beating Clark with a rock before dumping him in the Kern River in April 2019. One investigator even said Tubbs himself admitted his involvement.

“[He] made a comment that it was an accident,” Sgt. Mark Chambless said, according to the outlet. “[He] said something to the effect that ‘it had gone too far.'”

Both Tubbs and Clark were allegedly part of a “transient survivalist group,” or a cohort of homeless vagrants who had decided to move from Spokane, Washington, to Lake Isabella in California. Tubbs was considered the second in command and acted as the group’s enforcer, making sure everyone stayed in line.

It was Tubbs’ “enforcer” personality that often led to him becoming angry, blacking out, and doing things he doesn’t remember, Kern County District Attorney investigator Donald Krueger testified, based on conversations with the suspect. Krueger added that Tubbs claimed he had another personality, as well, called the “transgender side.”

What else?

Investigators relayed several other versions of the story while on the witness stand. One included Tubbs and Clark being accompanied by another member of the group, Josef Buffaloe. In this version, Buffaloe was the one who choked Clark until he passed out, after which Tubbs wrapped the body in a blanket and threw it in the river.

In another version, Tubbs claimed that Clark and another individual who had been camping in the area, named Chad Mizer, went for a walk and only Mizer returned.

Clark’s decomposed body was found in the Kern River in August 2019. A medical examination concluded he died as a result of drowning.

Defense attorney Kate Lee used the multiple conflicting testimonies between witnesses, which she said amounted to 18 different stories, to argue the case against her client should not result in a conviction.

“I think the whole case is such a mess I don’t think the people can get a conviction on this,” Lee reportedly said, noting that any member of the group could be a suspect.

Anything else?

The case has risen to the national spotlight due to the defendant’s recent child molestation conviction. Tubbs was sentenced to just two years in juvenile detention for violently molesting a 10-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Denny’s restaurant in 2014.

Tubbs was just shy of his 18th birthday when he committed the heinous crime, and so, per far-left DA Gascón’s policies, he was tried and sentenced as a juvenile despite widespread outcry. The lenient sentence was even criticized by the sentencing judge and the prosecutor who tried the case.

“Very rarely is Tubbs in compliance with anything,” lead prosecutor Shea Sanna previously told Fox News. “And now we have an extremely violent, dangerous, unremorseful child predator on the verge of being released, and my boss does not care.”

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said in a statement that officials were not aware of the murder allegations against Tubbs when the sentencing was handed down.

“We were unaware of the murder allegations against Ms. Tubbs until today,” the statement said. “As a result, we were never given the opportunity to consider this critical information before proceeding with our case in Los Angeles County. The murder in Kern County took place before our case was adjudicated.”

Hannah Tubbs charged with murder in Kerny County

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