If we’re going to complete our “incredible transition” away from fossil fuels, it’s gonna take more than insanely high gas prices. We’re gonna have to change the language of energy, too.

But how do we go about such a monumental task? Well, that’s where Vox comes in. They’ve got this all figured out:

And there’s nothing “natural” about methane! Except, you know, for the natural part.

It was created by humans in that humans produce a lot of it. In fact, every single person who works at Vox is a source of methane gas. They probably produce more than the average person, if you really think about it.

And Vox loves the smell of methane, at least when it comes out of their own butts.

So now Vox is mad that natural gas might become a more popular fuel source than coal? Man, there’s just no pleasing some people.

*Clean* magic rock power. And if Vox were actually interested in cleaner energy, they’d be writing explainers every single day extolling the virtues of nuclear power.

But no. They’re too busy trying to make “deadly death gas” (or something along those lines) a thing.

But if Vox is good at one thing, it’s being the annoying scold everyone hates.


Actually, though, Vox’s mind-numbingly stupid piece is kinda worth it in the end, if only because it gifted us with this glorious thread from Ben Dreyfuss:

This is genuinely hilarious.


Yeah, but what fun would that be?



Ben Dreyfuss takes one for the team and subjects himself to Jon Stewart’s ‘genuinely difficult to watch’ show — and spares no one’s feelings

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