Alyssa Milano used an image that looks like it was created by the White House to ‘remind’ people that Democrats want to cut costs and Republicans want to raise taxes. We’re not saying she’s the stupidest person in the world but she better hope nothing happens to him or her.


Imagine how gullible someone has to be to buy into this propaganda:

Note about the WH/Biden image: Twitter is not showing it in our draft, claiming it includes potentially sensitive content. We belly-laughed.

Would someone tell Alyssa Democrats are in charge NOW? And gosh, golly, gee, if they truly wanted to ‘cut our costs’ they could do so by investing in our own energy independence. We get it, she and others like her who insisted electing Biden and Harris would be putting the adults back in charge likely have a good deal of buyer’s remorse and feel like total jackasses for pushing this disastrous administration on us because of mean tweets but still.

Nobody is buying this crap.

Even her own supporters and fans.

Ya’ think?

People in her own neck of the woods are paying upwards of $7 a gallon for gas, but you know, evil Republicans and stuff.

True story, at this point anyone can respond to her.

Unless of course, they’re blocked, like this editor.

Oh, and she blocked Twitchy as well.

We’re going to bet Alyssa has no idea.


Didn’t she promise to move to Canada? Or was that Rosie?

We get them confused.

Safe bet.



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