A.J. Delgado has gone on quite a political journey. From fierce anti-feminist to devoted Donald Trump supporter to reflexively-anti-Trump shill to apologist for sexual predators to … gun control activist:

Ah, yes. The nefarious gun lobby. They’re always trying to get people killed by arguing that people should have the right to defend themselves from people trying to kill them. That includes defending themselves with AR-15s, which are not, as the most dedicated gun control activists would have you believe, automatic machine guns with chainsaw bayonet attachments.

Well, according to Constitutional Scholar A.J., the notion that the populace needs the right to bear arms in order to defend themselves from a tyrannical government is just obsolete BS:

All these hours later, you know she’s still congratulating herself for coming up with that one.

Congrats, A.J., on being so List-able. After graduating from Harvard Law, making the List is just the ultimate feather in her cap!

Just like in Afghanistan.

Brava, A.J.

Sounds about right.

We’d rather not give them the chance.

Lotta that going around right now.

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