We forget who said yesterday — maybe a senator or congressman — that the availability of guns is what makes the United States an outlier in mass shootings, not mental health. Every country has its share of sickos, but in the United States, it’s easier for those sickos to get their hands on an assault rifle because there are just so many of them available.

Andrew Follett of the Club for Growth posted a lengthy thread Wednesday on “two major lies” the media is telling us about mass shootings and gun control. The idea, of course, is that Europe, for example, has strong gun control laws and therefore fewer if any mass shootings. People are tweeting all sorts of graphs about the numbers of mass shootings in different countries, but add them up, and the United States isn’t quite the shooting gallery that the media and Democrats make it out to be.

Yep. Republicans are the problem, and yet who runs Washington, D.C., New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, etc.? Of course, liberals have found a workaround; they claim that all of the illegal guns in, say, Chicago, are brought in from neighboring states with less strict gun control laws. Even if that’s true, the gun control laws on the books aren’t doing much to stop it.

Plus it’s the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, who was shot by police — have some respect.


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