The Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial is coming to a close this week. On Tuesday, there was dramatic testimony from an eyewitness, glamping park owner Morgan Night, who ran the Hicksville Trailer Palace where Depp and Heard vacationed. Heard told the jury that Depp abused her at this trailer park and “wrecked” a trailer in the attack on her.

“It seemed he turned all that rage onto the trailer,” Heard testified. “He started smashing things. He picked up something on the table and threw it right into the glass cabinet. He hit with his hand a wall sconce, he cleared the tabletop on the little pull-down table-top.” Heard described what she said was a horrific event that ended with a wrecked trailer. “We had to get the manager, who started out furious that Johnny had wrecked the thing. And then he had this, like, black mesh tank top or a black meshy shirt and he came into the trailer and said, ‘Whoa, what happened here?’ and Johnny had an exchange with him, and I remember this man being so charmed.”

Heard may not have counted on the manager coming to rebut that testimony, but he did. Night took the stand and wrecked Heard’s tale.

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“I was speaking with Mr. Depp, just one-on-one, talking about Hicksville, and Miss Heard came over and said, ‘I want to talk to you’ and seemed really upset about something.”

“She started yelling at him, and I didn’t want to hear it because it was really triggering for me,” Night testified. “He was kind of cowering and seemed almost afraid, and it was really odd to see.” Night then said that Depp, who had started out in a jovial outgoing mood, became quiet and withdrawn throughout the rest of the night.

“The innkeepers let me know there was some damage in one of the trailers.” Night inspected Depp’s trailer and found one broken light worth $62. “I observed that there was a light sconce near the bedroom that had been broken off the wall.” Night wasn’t able to explain how it happened due to objections from Heard’s legal team, but he was able to say that lights break all the time. “Everything else looked fine,” said Night, refuting Heard’s testimony that the trailer was “wrecked.” Night didn’t even charge them the cleaning fee reserved for messy guests. A few weeks later, he replaced the sconce and charged it to Depp.

Night also testified that he would “absolutely never wear” a mesh shirt like Heard claimed, and he testified that he did not see Depp get violent with anyone that night. Earlier in the trial, Night tweeted that Heard’s testimony about Hicksville was false, saying she was the one “acting all jealous and crazy.”

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