The FBI has thwarted an attempt by an ISIS member to recruit operatives, smuggle them across the southern border of the United States, and assassinate former President George W. Bush. This appears to be the latest terrorist threat that sought to utilize our wide open border with Mexico and validates the repeated warnings about the consequences of failing to secure the nation’s entry points.

According to Forbes:

An Iraqi man in the U.S. accused of being linked to ISIS operatives was plotting to kill George W. Bush, going so far as to travel to Dallas in November to take video around the former president’s home and recruiting a team of compatriots he hoped to smuggle into the country over the Mexican border, according to an FBI search-warrant application filed March 23 and unsealed this week in the Southern District of Ohio.

The FBI said it uncovered the scheme through the work of two confidential informants and surveillance of the alleged plotter’s account on the Meta-owned WhatsApp messaging platform. The suspect, Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, based in Columbus, Ohio, said he wanted to assassinate Bush because he felt the former president was responsible for killing many Iraqis and breaking apart the country after the 2003 U.S. military invasion, according to the warrant.

Towards the end of the article, Forbes reports further:

While the sources were passing on what they learned over WhatsApp throughout 2021 and 2022, they were also secretly recording the in-person meetings with the alleged plotter in which additional startling details were revealed, according to the FBI. In one conversation from December, according to the warrant, the suspect claimed to have had just smuggled two individuals associated with Hezbollah — a terrorist organization, according to the U.S. — into the U.S. for a fee of $50,000 each.

Also in the FBI court filing, the alleged plotter claimed to be a member of “the resistance” and had killed many Americans in Iraq between 2003 and 2006, packing vehicles with explosives and detonating them when U.S. soldiers were near.

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The plan, according to the article, involved getting Mexican visitor visas for four Iraqi nationals after obtaining falsified passports and then smuggling them over the border into the U.S. These four Iraqis were allegedly former members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party who considered themselves current political exiles.

This terrorist plot reveals a couple of things. First, obviously, ISIS has regained strength and operational capability. Second, and most importantly, the southern U.S. border practically invites bad actors to invade our homeland to carry out these types of operations.

Earlier in May, Project Veritas released a teaser video detailing several Afghan refugees in America on the terror watch list. Saying their investigation continues and more information will emerge, PV wrote:

Source Inside the Federal Government Reveals Suspected and Known Terrorists Walk Freely in the United States Following Biden Administration’s Pullout in Afghanistan
• The records obtained by Project Veritas confirm numerous suspected terrorists are currently living throughout the country, many of whom have work visas despite being flagged by the Terrorist Watchlist for violent offenses like murder and using explosive devices and arms.
• Project Veritas published redacted government records of suspected terrorists who fall under the “Tier 1” threat level which is labelled as “Armed and Dangerous.” Most of these individuals flagged by the Department of Homeland Security were admitted because of an initiative to shelter fleeing refugees called Operation Allies Welcome.
• The whistleblower inside the Federal Government has identified numerous cases. The suspected terrorists verified by Project Veritas appear to only be a small sample size. These threats live throughout the country including the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.
• Project Veritas also published never-before-seen video of the current Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ur Jaddou, touting their efforts to expedite the adjudication process of Afghanistan refugees. USCIS is a division within the Department of Homeland Security.

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The full video is here:

War correspondent and former Green Beret Michael Yon has raised the alarm repeatedly over the past year and a half. He has taken multiple trips to the Darien Gap, the treacherous, narrow, mountainous area between Colombia and Panama that consists of thick jungle. He reports that thousands of international immigrants pass through the Darien Gap on their way through Central America and Mexico into the United States.

Yon told PJ Media after his most recent trip to the Darien Gap that the migration corridor looks more developed than it did a year prior. He also reports seeing Chinese construction companies in various parts of the Panama jungle. Yon says the drug cartels recently shut off migration through the Darien Gap, something the governments of Colombia, Panama, and the United States have refused to do. He writes, “DIC — the Darien Invasion Corridor from South America through Panama — where I was yesterday — is an ideal corridor for infiltrating hit teams. I see people from places like Yemen every day when out there. Common murderers and rapists get through daily…”

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Yon joined the inaugural broadcast of the Allen West podcast to talk in great detail about why immigrants go to South America first, then migrate through the Darien Gap to get to America:

All that to say this: these are not rare occurrences. It is much more than an anti-Biden talking point. The Bad Orange Man wasn’t a racist or a xenophobe to sound the alarm over our southern border.

The recent ISIS plot to assassinate a former U.S. president and the presence of terrorists in America demonstrate clearly that those who wish to harm Americans and commit terrorism on our soil know they can exploit the lack of border security.

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