Jack Posobiec joined Ari Hoffman on his radio show to discuss being detained by World Economic Forum police while in Davos, Switzerland.

On Monday, Human Events Daily’s Jack Posobiec and his crew were approached and detained by WEF police in Davos, Switzerland while sitting outside a restaurant. He recounted the experience to The Post Millennial’s Ari Hoffmann on Talk Radio 570 KVI.

Posobiec explained that they had been getting footage all day, and had stopped at a restaurant to charge the equipment and plan their next move when the police approached them, but added that it wasn’t the first time.

“About an hour prior,” Posobiec said, “some plainclothes officers had come up to us and said, ‘hey we wanted to check your guys’ IDs and check your press credentials.'”

“I said no big deal, here you go … So they went and did that and went about their way.”

“As we’re sitting down [at the restaurant],” Posobiec continues, “two minivans roll up with a quick response force of fully armed officers that pop out with MP-5 semi-automatic rifles.”

“They said that they needed to question us and that we were not allowed to leave.”

Hoffmann jumped in. “Let me play devil’s advocate for two seconds here,” he said.

“This group that you met beforehand … Do you think they called them and said, ‘hey we got these guys here, come check them out.’ … Did they seem to know who you were before they already showed up, which would indicate it was the police who called them to check out you guys?”

“We weren’t sure at first,” Posobiec replied, “but then later on during the detention that same plain-clothed officer did appear and was talking to the officers who were there, so they were clearly working together at some level.”

He explained that the officers were not normal Swiss policemen, rather they were wearing patches that said, “World Economic Forum Police.”

“Were there any Swiss laws that they claimed you guys violated?” Hoffmann asked, pointing out that freedom of speech works quite differently there than in the US.

“Not at all,” Posobiec replied. “Not even in the least … The first thing they did was take us one by one around the corner of the building and frisked us.”

Posobiec detailed how the officers also checked out the rented van, and asked them what they were doing in Davos. He surmised that the reason they were targeted was based not so much on their actions, but on who they were.

The remainder of the conversation focused on the World Economic Forum itself, and what those involved are trying to accomplish when they fly to Switzerland on their private jets.

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