“Never let a crisis go to waste” really is the Democratic Party’s mantra. We can’t help but picture them salivating like rabid dogs every time there’s a mass shooting, because they know that, just like in previous cases, they can use a tragedy to line their pockets and wage rhetorical war on Republicans and conservatives.

And in the wake of the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Democratic Sen. Ed Markey is practically drowning in a sea of his own drool. Watching and listening to him here, it’s obvious that his focus isn’t mourning the devastating loss of life, but dancing on graves in order to advance the full Democratic agenda:


“We have to take very seriously the threat, which an illegitimate, far-Right Supreme Court poses to gun safety in our country. We have to expand the Supreme Court to get back the two stolen seats that the Republicans and Donald Trump took from the American people, so that we can ensure that when we put gun safety laws on the books, they are not overridden by the Supreme Court of the United States.”

First of all:

Sure sounds like disinformation. Markey’s choice of words is deliberate and intended to mislead and fan the flames of left-wing outrage.

Ed Markey isn’t interested in preventing future mass shootings in schools or anywhere else. In fact, he believes it’s in the Democratic Party’s best interest for the violence to continue.

And if he’s got to undermine the Supreme Court and the Constitution in the process, well, so be it.

More like leeches. They’re drawn out by blood.

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