Keith Olbermann declared in a tweet on Wednesday that “To put … Conservatives out of the School Children Killing business,” the U.S. needs to confiscate their long guns.

Olbermann made the comment in the wake of a deadly shooting that was perpetrated at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday — he issued the tweet in response to a post from conservative radio host and Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch, who had tweeted, “The murderer reportedly purchased two rifles and passed a background check. Universal Background Checks would not have stopped this. It’s not a new system, it’s just an expansion of the existing troubled system.”

Olbermann replied, “You’re right Loesch. The rules ARE inadequate. To put you Conservatives out of the School Children Killing business, America is going to have to take all your f[***]ing long guns.”

Loesch responded, “Keith, if you think I’m in the Planned Parenthood business of killing children I dare your right now to call the authorities and have me arrested — otherwise you’re culpable. I’m in Dallas. Do it now. Please record the call and post it for further attention for yourself.”

In a post on Tuesday, Olbermann claimed that Americans do not have a constitutional right to firearm ownership.

“The word OWN is not included in the 2nd Amendment. Nor is there any word included that is a synonym for ‘own,’ even though the Constitution and the Bill of Rights form, in large part, a property contract. There is no Constitutional right to own guns,” he tweeted.

The text of the Second Amendment reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

“Gun violence in America is the Republicans’ doing. MAKE THEM OWN IT,” Olbermann declared in a tweet on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Olbermann took a dig at a homeschooling mom on Mother’s Day. “Imagine putting ‘homeschool mom’ in your bio and not understanding you’ve just ruined the lives of five innocent children,” he tweeted in a reference to Bethany Mandel.

Last year, Olbermann commented on a photo of Sen. Mitt Romney’s family by writing, “Somebody gift these people some vasectomies.”

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