A MAGNITUDE 4.3 earthquake rocked Los Angeles in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Tremors were felt in the California city after the quake struck at around 2am local time.


Los Angeles has been hit by a magnitude 4.3 earthquake

It hit near the town of Trona triggering the state’s alert system, according to the The United States Geological Survey.

The USGS tweeted: “Good morning Southern California. Did you feel the magnitude 4.3 quake south of Trona at 2:23 am?

“The #ShakeAlert system was activated.”

One Twitter user replied: “Yes I felt it!”

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The user added: “I am in Littlerock & was sitting on my bed reading when I felt a strong jolt from west to east direction, at the same time my west wall made a faint cracking/settling sound!”

Meteorologist Zach Covey tweeted: “A magnitude 4.3 earthquake has struck in California, with shaking being felt through downtown Los Angeles.

“Damage has not been reported with this earthquake, but this is a significant size quake for California.”

Online there was more reaction to the quake with one Twitter user writing: “When an #LAearthquake in Los Angeles hits and you know you’re not gettin’ any more sleep before the alarm goes off at 6:00am #earthquake.”

Another added: “Did you feel that? I was finally falling asleep then the earth shook.”

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On average, Los Angeles experiences five earthquakes each year, varying in magnitude and destruction.

LA sits on the Ring Of Fire fault line along with other Californian cities like San Francisco.

It runs down the western coast of the Americas, across the Pacific and up through New Zealand, Indonesia and Japan — the countries most prone to devastating quakes.

Experts say California is due another major apocalyptic tremor — which they have already dubbed “The Big One”.

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It will be on a par with the 7.8 quake that centred on San Francisco in 1906.

The city was all but levelled and an estimated 3,000 people were killed.

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