Billionaire Elon Musk gets sucked into every national debate, these days. This time, Musk spoke to CNBC about gun rights and the recent shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York —he’s a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

“I strongly believe that the right to bear arms is an important safeguard against potential tyranny of government. Historically, maintaining their power over the people is why those in power did not allow public ownership of guns,” Musk told the outlet.

“Regarding recent events, the shooters are obviously doing this to generate the most amount of attention possible. Why is the media doing exactly what the mass murderers want?” Musk asked.

Musk also weighed in on background checks for gun purchases. He says he supports “tight background checks” for all gun sales and, “limiting sales of assault weapons to people in special circumstances, like gun range owners, or people who live in a ‘high risk location, like gang warfare,’” CNBC reports.

Musk elaborated on Twitter.

“Assault rifles should at minimum require a special permit, where the recipient is extremely well vetted imo.”

Tesla and SpaceX have facilities based in Texas.

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