Full transparency, this editor began following David Lat in 2020 when he was very, very sick in the hospital with COVID. His story was scary, heartbreaking, and inspiring … he made it. And on that note, his attempt at making an argument to repeal the Second Amendment is a far cry from the usual ‘BAN ALL THE GUNS YOU EVIL WHITE REDNECK GUN LOVERS’ but it’s still not great.

We appreciate what he was trying to do here with maybe a dialogue but, yeah, it wasn’t going to happen.

Right now, the poll sits at 92% NO … with nearly 41k votes, with six hours left.

Because unlike abortion, which many have argued should go back to the states, bearing arms is a literal right.

The Founders made it the second for a reason, David.



Many Americans CLEARLY believe owning a firearm is a fundamental value that transcends regional differences.

But again, no.

There are tens of thousands of ‘gun-control laws’ already on the books.

Sorry, YES.

America is a sovereign nation.

So this is where the thread ended last night.

Seems Lat received a lot more feedback around the second than he expected.

He continued this morning:


Except without the second, the other ‘rights’ very well could go away. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to understand that.

Amending it to remove the right to bear arms is exactly what people are fighting against.



Maybe Lat missed it, but no, the ‘check on tyranny’ is far from outdated. We’ve seen that very issue in the last two years with the pandemic.

Did anyone point out to him there are already tens of THOUSANDS of laws on the books?

It can take the police a very long time to respond … just sayin’.

And again, pass.

This editor appreciates Lat tried to come across as balanced and not accusatory or condescending but the reality is, every time one of these tragedies occurs, the same people on the Left come out with the same hammer and treat everything as the same nail. The time for reasonable dialogue and debate is way past because 2A advocates are exhausted of being treated like killers when they’ve had nothing to do with an incident like Uvalde.

Nice try, but no.



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