At a loss for words.

This story is about euthanasia in Canada. Just that.

I was thinking to write a detailed overview of euthanasia policies in different Western countries but I can’t force myself to do it because I find it disgusting. It is really creepy.

And let’s not forget the DNR orders on the disabled in the UK and the general DNR orders on non-COVID patients in my home town of New York in 2020.

And the ventilators killing sedated suffering victims, formerly known as respectable citizens of democratic countries.

The trend is very cruel.

It could be collective madness, or it could be outright cruelty on the part of the aspiring owners everything on Earth who are managing “their” “resources,” but treating death like it’s a trivial matter (unless scaring people with death helps sell lucrative experimental medical products) is completely disgusting.

Also, if you feel like you can handle it, google “human recycling” (but please prepare a bucket.. or even two buckets).

The lack of respect for the spirit on the part of the cruels and the zombies is astounding. And yes, I have no doubt that in the end, our dignity will prevail because the spirit is stronger. But right now, the depth of the rulers’ depravity is… I can only think of one word… disgusting.

Anyway, Ontario, Canada.

This document is about the rules for distributing “self-administered” meds for suicide.

The most important eligibility criterion a “grievous and irremediable medical condition,” that can none the less be defined very loosely. And of course, the devil is always in the detail—and given how meanings of words and facts of biology have been turned upside down in the past two years, this opens the door for very loose interpretations—and I find it all … disgusting.

Also this, in no relation to Canada.

I wrote about it earlier in my story about the “Killing Nurses of the Third Reich”:

I would like to end with a tangential reference to Ezekiel Emmanuel, a member of Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board. In 2014, he wrote a bizarre article in the Atlantic, in which he talked about the advantages of stopping to live at the age of 75. (See also this Newsweek critique).

I know, I know, he then clarified that he meant it all nicely, so it’s not creepy at all. We can trust him.


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