Remember when President Joe Biden said earlier this week that the fiery but mostly peaceful protests in the summer of 2020 “unified people of every race and generation”? It was the least unified we’d been since the Civil War, practically, but Biden apparently didn’t see it that way. The tragic Uvalde school shooting has been as divisive as George Floyd’s death, and liberals, as usual, are pointing the finger of blame in every direction — the NRA, Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, Republicans in general — but the shooter himself. Plenty of news outlets pointed out the “irony” that some of the Republican politicians attending the news conference in Uvalde would be attending the NRA’s annual meeting this weekend as if the NRA had anything to do with the massacre.

Of course, Beta O’Rourke was there — he does have a campaign to run — but we’re more interested in these protesters captured by The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura. We missed it because of the bullhorn, but the particularly worked-up woman in black was yelling something to the cops about going to law school so that she could … do something.

She’s angrier at the security guards here than she is at the cops who stood outside of Robb Elementary School for 40 minutes or so.

We’ll be paying off her school loans before too long.

Here’s another good video from Ventura:

And here’s one more, just for fun:

And these are the people with whom some want us to reach a “compromise” on commonsense “gun safety.”


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