Okay, this whole inflation/supply chain thing has reached full-blown crisis stage:

Burger Prices to Remain High as Cattle Ranchers Shrink Herds

Burgers and steaks are set to stay pricey as U.S. cattle ranchers shrink their herds, further constraining U.S. beef production in the months ahead.

Rising costs for feed and other expenses are leading ranchers to sell their calves into feedlots at a faster pace, according to federal data, leaving fewer cattle available for slaughter later this year and in 2023. . .  Beef production in 2023 is expected to decline 7% and cattle prices are expected to increase to record highs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said this month.

If you have a freezer (and backup generation for the likely summer rolling blackouts coming our way), stock up on beef now.

We noted recently on how Charles Barkley had commented the dismal condition of San Francisco during an interlude in the NBA western conference finals broadcast, and during the final game of the series in San Francisco on Thursdays protesters turned out to heckle the Round Mound of Rebound:

SF Bids Professional Hater Charles Barkley a Proper Farewell

An alcohol-inspired, victory-drunk crowd of Warriors fans in the Chase Center’s outdoor viewing area gave NBA commentator Charles Barkley a proper Bay Area farewell after the Dubs big victory on Thursday night.

Barkley has made his dislike for San Francisco well-known over the last week, calling San Francisco “the armpit of America” during Thursday’s pregame coverage. Evidently, many locals took issue with Barkley’s comments, printing out posters for Thursday’s postgame show with a rallying cry plastered across them: “Chuck You Suck.”

I note that “news” stories about these kind of protests usually make no mention of how many people composed the protest, and like similar stories, the only photo offered is a close focus that disguises the fact that the number was surely very small. But the media has a narrative to promote, so even if there were only three people shouting, leftist media will report it as “news” of a significant protest.


Top Gun brings out bottom misfires from the left:

As mentioned on this week’s podcast, the left hated the original Top Gun, and early signs are that the sequel may break opening weekend box office records, which will really drive the left nuts.

I didn’t have to wait long:

Losers of the world unite: You have nothing to lose but. . . well actually you have nothing to lose because you’ve got nuthin’ to begin with.

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